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Common Queries

You Asked, We Answered

Do you make t-shirt quilts?

I do not make t-shirt quilts that are traditional looking in that they are large squares of t-shirts sewn together to look like a display behind the counter at a head shop. I do accept materials to be incorporated into an overall design when creating custom quilts with no guarantee that the shirt image will be recognizable in the final design. And no guarantee that your shirts will not be mutilated in the process.

Do you make custom quilts?

Yes, I do make custom quilts. I ask for $200 at the beginning to cover supplies cost and full payment, which ranges on average $400 to $600 total, once the quilt is received. Shipping is free. I work with the customer to create an original, handmade, heirloom quality quilt. I have a typical 2 month turnaround time.

How much is shipping?

FREE shipping on US orders! International shipping is available and cost will vary by weight.

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