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Fireweed, a free quilt pattern

Fireweed is an awe-inspiring native plant that grows wildly throughout North America. It earned it's name because this is the first volunteer to spring up from the battered soil after a forest fire. It's not just another pretty flower, all parts of the Fireweed are edible. The young leaves can be eaten raw in salads. The flowers and buds can be gathered to make Fireweed jelly, or made into a tea. I designed this quilt pattern to be an easy make, a sewing palette cleanser with big 18" blocks that are open to fabric scraps leftover from other projects, to spring up in and form a new cozy quilt. There are two basic blocks in this pattern that can be made in this layout offering or placed in other ways your hands want them to.

When posting to social media pictures of your version from this pattern please add the hashtag #fireweedquilt so that we can all share in beauty of each others makes.

Here is the pattern, for personal use only, all rights reserved with my fingers crossed and high hopes.

Fireweed full+pattern
Download PDF • 4.13MB

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