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Restoring ME through fiber, creating a series of passage quilts

Restoring ME through fiber, creating a series of passage quilts

This shop item is for an in-person guest lecture. The base fee is $225 for a one-hour speaking engagement within a three-hour drive of Portland, Oregon, including an in-person quilt trunk show. I speak about my work creating a series of passage quilts grieving the loss of my marriage, processing the divorce, and rediscovering myself through the journey of creating art quilts that tell my story while offering a message to the future. 


Through my quilting practice, I have created a style of art quilts that tell a story. I share my process of creation from idea conception, sketching, research, and resourcing materials to create my pieces.


I love public speaking and offer this talk on a sliding scale basis; please feel free to reach out to me if your group would like to hear this talk in person or via Zoom online. I like to present a PowerPoint presentation as well as a trunk show of quilts made, with a Q&A portion at the end.  I also offer a companion workshop to guide folks on creating their own quilts that tell a story. 


My working presentation title is: Stitching my way through, a talk on creating a series of art quilts that restore my peace.

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