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The Life Cycle of a Moped

The Life Cycle of a Moped

Mopeds are funny, people say they are like cats in that you don't really own them, they just choose to live with you for a while.


Using vintage fabrics I mapped out the life cycle of a moped. Bought in 77' for Cheryl in Arizona, on her 15th birthday so she could ride it to school. She loved that moped, left it in the garage when she joined the Peace Corps and her mom put it out in the yard sale in 1982, where it was picked up by a truck driver on his way home. 


He brought the moped home for his son Robbie, who rode it around the back 40 of the property to sneak Schlitz beers he had stolen from the garage and of course to football practice in the fall. Robbie liked duck hunting with his dad, thought of himself as a sharpshooter, and joined the Army after two years in junior college, leaving the moped in the barn, under a tarp in 1987.


In 1997 a couple who loved the RV life stopped at a moving sale and found this moped in the barn, paid $200 cash, then took it to the local two-stroke mechanic to get it tuned up and some fresh tires. They strapped in on the back of their RV and used it at the campgrounds to go get firewood and snacks.


In 2015 a girl named Rachel was at a pumpkin farm outside of Portland, Oregon, when she spied this sweet moped leaning against the barn. She had to have it and happened to have her rent money in cash on her in her purse. Rent was late that month, but she had a new to her moped that she loved the sound of and rode to band practice and around town with her moped friends.


This one of a kind quilt, made with vintage fabrics telling the story of a moped, measures 55" x 59"


Handmade by Sara Flynn, in Portland, Oregon


Shipping is included in the sale price, local porch drop is also available for the Portland local area, or if purchased during the One Moto Show, this piece can be picked up at 3 pm on Sunday at the show.

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