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Sara Flynn

Modern Quilt Maker, Speaker, Teacher, Designer

Sara Flynn is not your conventional quilt artist. With a unique blend of folk art finesse and punk rock influences, her creations defy expectations and ignite the senses. But Sara's artistry isn't just about rebellion—it's about sustainability, resourcefulness, and a deep-seated love for her craft. As a longtime moto rider, a scooter cannonballer, and a disabled veteran. Sara's adventurous spirit finds expression in her quilts. Each stitch tells a story, weaving together the ruggedness of the road with the softness of fabric, the grit of punk with the warmth of folk art.​But Sara's creativity doesn't stop at the sewing machine. With a commitment to sustainability, she sources her fabrics exclusively from thrifted, gifted, or found materials. Every piece carries with it a history, a narrative of its own, adding layers of meaning to her work.​Despite the challenges of being a single mother to three children, two with special needs, Sara carves out precious moments to create. For her, quilting is not just a hobby—it's a lifeline, a sanctuary where she can lose herself in color and pattern, if only for a fleeting moment. In Sara Flynn's world, quilting isn't just about making blankets—it's about stitching together a tapestry of life, love, and resilience while she leaves her voice in the pieces created as a note to the future.


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