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Clean Sweep Studio blog hop

We moved to this home a few months ago. At our last home I sewed in a backyard studio shed we had built, it was 16' x 8 1/2' wide, although I had lost that sewing space when the pandemic lockdown happened and my husband needed the quieter space to work from home away from our 3 rambunctious children. I moved my sewing supplies into the living room and some into the garage and things got scattered. So once we moved I would unpack just enough to be able to work on a project, while averting my eyes at the seemingly growing stack as I quickly walked by. I was selectively avoiding the overwhelming boxes and large bags of sewing supplies. But then I was invited to join this Clean Sweep Studio blog hop by Cheryl at and it was just the kick in the pants I needed to push through this last mini mountain of boxes and finish strong!

These are the before pictures. See how things are stacked and shoved under the tables and desks? Clutter attracts more clutter, like magnets once a pile is started there will be more added to it. I need clean surfaces, to keep my view clear so that I can keep an eye on my kids when I am working, and it also helps me to stay focused. There are two small kids chairs tucked under my longarm frame. That's where my kids like to sit when I am in this space, they are never too far from me so I have to keep my space pretty tidy, like putting away the cutting tools every single time I am done cutting something even though I coming right back to cut something in a few minutes. Anything left out will be touched by little fingers and potentially scattered to the four winds.

I wasn't sure where everything would go, or where it even could go, but one thing was for certain it could not all stay here. Then I remembered a studio tour of a professional working artists space, the best part for me was when she showed us her backroom storage area where she kept her fabric and then the lightbulb came on! I didn't actually have to keep every sewing supply I own in this workspace! I could instead store items I am not currently working on in a separate area giving myself a clear space to work clutter free!!! There is a deep storage closet at the end of this hallway that was empty and already had shelves in it just waiting to be utilized!

So without further ado here is the AFTER!!! Yeah, that is a sauna that was hiding behind my mess and yes I do go in there, it's lovely!

I bought these 3 carts from the craft store to sort scraps by color for a quick project grab and I will never go back to having scraps sorted into bins tucked away somewhere again. I bought these two heavy duty work tables from the local hardware store. Then it was off to Ikea for some cute brass shelves, and these beautiful display cases for my finished quilts! I also upgraded my design wall to a HUGE mamma jamma!!!! I am so happy with this space. Things went together smoothly once I gave myself permission to sort things into a supply closet and not force myself to organize every single last button, just get it to a space that is functional and feels good to be in. I might someday sort every drawer and categorize each notion but today is for sewing my friends!

"With the past I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

For more pics of my makes and studio space find me on Instagram @mama_makes_time

This blog hop is hosted by Cheryl Sleboda of and is an annual event. To see all the blog posts in this hop, just click below.

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