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Sunset walk block

I was asked to join a fun (and free) block blog hop where myself and 20 other pattern designers have teamed up to create some sweet quilt block patterns for you! Make sure to scroll down to the end to see all the links for the blocks and I hope you have fun with this! Each block finishes at 12" so they can all fit together or fit in your favorite quilt pattern that calls for 12" blocks.

This month's theme is; Romance and the color palette is pretty heavily in the pinks with one pop of light blue.

Looking at this color palette and thinking on the theme I created a sunset inspired quilt block pattern. I have included the templates and a coloring page in the file below. All seam allowances are 1/4", templates are printed once with the plan to flip it over and cut the opposite side of the block in order to save paper. *Don't forget to flip the template over to cut it's opposite side especially if using a printed fabric!


- Iron all fabric before beginning

- Choose what fabrics you want to go where and make a little note

- Print out the templates

- Cut out the fabric using the templates

Sewing order:

A+B, for both curved sides, press the curved edge towards the upper corner.

C+D, for both sides, then AB+CD, press then combine ABCD + ABCD

E+F, EF+G, then do the opposite side (E+F, EF+G)

EFG + EFG, press middle seam open, then put them all together to make the full block.

*** Pro tip, when using a paper template try adding a ruler to cut out any straight edges you come across.

Here are some options to make a few more into a cool wall mini and maybe even a full sized quilt too? When posting to social media please use the #quiltblockmania so that we can see each others work and cheer each other on!

It kinda looks like a face right?

So many options with this to make a full sized quilt, have fun and keep sewing my friends!

Want more? Check out these talented pattern makers too:

Sunset walk full templates and coloring
Download • 612KB

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